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We have 4’,6', 8’,10’,12',14’,16' and 20’ gates in stock.


In Stock gates are 6 Bar, 50” tall, 12 Gauge Verticals, 14 Gauge Horizontals and coped - not flattened! In other words, each joint is cut out and saddled and are welded 360 degrees for extra strength!  They are chained-latched and available with 3" heavy duty weld on hinges or 12" all thread hinges.


If you want pretty gates with fluff – go see the competitor!  If you want good looking gates that are commercial grade, durable and the real deal – come see us!

“These are quality gates!  I’ve never seen a cow bend these gates.  I have seen my hired hand back into them with a loader and tear them all to hell, but he doesn’t work here anymore!” -RFR

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